Kill the Dragon, Get the Girl

A Prince slays the enemy of the world to rescue his Princess.
It is a revolutionary story – The Story that we inhabit.
The Story that contains all other stories.

This is Good News!

Taming Politics

Political thinking does not arise in a vacuum, nor do our politics stay neatly within the walls we erect around them.

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How Then Shall We Vote?

What we believe about God, ourselves, others, and creation will shape our politics and how we vote. Our politics will be shaped by worldview.

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No Time for Weak Men

America has arrived at a civilizational moment, a crisis point, and it is no time for weak men. Men are called to be formidable and good.

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Tone Police

Tone Policing is a logical fallacy (ad hominem). Content and validity is brushed aside and subjective tone is reframed as the issue.

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“We call a spade a spade.

We state thngs as they are… We tell the truth.”

– David Bell –