Reflection: The grand story of the place we inhabit

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In the beginning God created all things and He set all things in a particular order.

All things are held together and move in certain ways.

God created the place His creatures inhabit.

The realization that God cared enough to share the story of creation with His creature called ‘man’ is astounding. This begs the question, “Why would God even bother to create or share the story?”

The simple answer is, God is all powerful and He is good. God sharing His grand creation story of the place that we inhabit, live, move and have our being is a demonstration of divine love and mercy.

The response is awe-struck wonder!

“Lo, these are but the outskirts of his ways: And how small a whisper do we hear of him! But the thunder of his power who can understand?”

– Job 26:14

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The Chosen Tree – a short story

The Chosen Tree

A Short Story

Before time began, the Great King beheld a vision of a particular tree – a Chosen Tree.

In the shadows before history, the Great King launched into his song and with every word, great things came forth. Majestic light shown all about. Stars, planets, and moons moved with grace upon the sky as spheres riding on the waves of music. Upon the earth, his song shaped deep oceans, rivers, saintly mountains, valleys, quiet hollows, sweeping plains and magnificent vistas. He formed abundant and manifold flora and fauna. It all was beautiful and good. Then the King brought forth his subjects from the ground . The breath of the King’s song entered man and his first sight was of the Great King and his earthly palace.

One cloudy day, man would choose to break away from the Great King – seeking his own kingship where death would reign. It would be known through the land as ‘The Sunder.’

But, the forest remained – an echo of the Great King’s beautiful song. For generations, ancestors of a Chosen Tree seeded, grew and died in a quiet forrest just beyond the City of the Great King. One morning a breeze blew from the east, loosening a tree fruit that fell to the earth. Many days passed and the fruit died, it’s seeds sank deep under the surface of the soil. In the darkness, one by one the seeds succumbed to thirst in their hardened shells, forgotten.

Then, the King sent rains from above. There lay one Chosen Seed, dead in it’s thirst. A droplet of the King’s rain met with the seed deep beneath the earth. In a moment, the seed burst forth with life.

The little tree struggled and rose from the earth – reaching for the sun far above, embracing the glorious light that shone forth on the tiny patch of ground chosen for this Chosen Tree.

Some days, the Great King sent strong winds and storms that made the tree grow stronger. Other days, gentle rains to quench thirst – in all days the King gave light. This tree was different from all other trees in the forest. He was set apart – Chosen. He grew in stature and strength. Ravens and song birds would nest in his limbs. He grew so tall that he would be the first to see the sunrise over the City of the Great King.

The Chosen Tree heard the quiet voice of the Great King in the gentle wind at night, “You are Chosen to be great among all trees of the forest.” The Chosen Tree dreamed that perhaps he would provide shade for the King in the heat of the day. Or maybe he would be fashioned into the King’s banquet table. “Ahhh!” he thought, the Chosen Tree would make a sturdy throne for the Great King – overlaid with gold, silver and fine jewels. The tree wondered, as he did not know for what royal purpose he was born.

Ages passed as the Chosen Tree remained in the quiet forest. Some days, the Tree would glimpse the Son of the Great King – the Prince walking on the road leading to the Great City.

One day there was trouble in the land. Since The Sunder, men’s hearts turned into dark pits into which they fell – transforming some men into Rogues. They were ruthless creatures bent on poisoning and enslaving everything on earth for their own pleasure. One day a dreadful Rogue came into the forest and stood before the Chosen Tree. His sinister mind slithered like a serpent with venomous thoughts. His eyes were as poison. His axe was ancient and sharp. The Rogue leered at the Chosen Tree for a long time. He murmured wicked poetry as a twisted grin crept across his hideous face. The chill of his dark presence caused the Chosen Tree to quiver.

The Rogue laughed as he leveled the first blow to the tree with his blade. Like a flash of lightening, pain bolted from roots to leaves. With every strike – agony.

“This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be,” the tree thought as he shook under the mighty blows. He was a Chosen Tree – to be employed for noble work. He was destined for the palace – the throne! Remember? “There must be some mistake!” the tree cried in silence.

In the afternoon sun, the tree’s leaves shook and limbs grew colder with every strike. The Rogue’s fiendish laugh echoed and began to fade into silence. The tree of the Great King’s vision from before the beginning of time, swayed as if the world and the King forgot him. At twilight, a gentle breeze blew and the Chosen Tree fell toward the Great King’s City. In the evening shadows, the forest grew quiet – sadness and hopelessness descended like fog – wetting the entire forest like tears.

The Rogue dragged the Tree from the forrest and hewed him into beams. He was left rugged for meager and lowly use – not royal use. The Chosen Tree was left alone for many days. The tree thought, “This is not my purpose. I was to be a great tree – chosen by the Great King! Why did he let this become my fate?”

One morning, there was a great commotion in the King’s City. The dreadful Rogue dragged the Chosen Tree into the City. The gates swung open and the pulsating crowd was pressed back by Rogues. Suddenly a man was cast into the center of the crowd and told to take up the Chosen Tree upon his back. Some mocked him and others spit on him. The Tree thought, “this was the Poorest Man the world ever knew.” He was bloodied, bruised and full of sorrows. “What had he done to deserve such treatment?” he thought. Heaving for breath, back torn by whips – the man looked upon the Chosen Tree as tears streamed down his face. The Chosen Tree suddenly remembered seeing the man before. His memories took him back to the forest and watching this man walk on the road toward the Great City. The Poorest Man was the Great King’s son -the Prince! The Chosen Tree wondered why the Great King would forsake his Chosen Tree and now his only Son. What had he done so terribly wrong? Why such a man be born to a King?

The crowd thundered and cried out as the Poorest Man took the Chosen Tree upon his torn back. “If only I was a lighter burden”, thought the Tree. As the man gasped under the weight, the tree felt his blood soaking into his fibers. With his face pressed against the tree, tears wetted the bark – tears more innocent than the freshest dew or whitest downy flake.

In the midst of the jeering crowd, there was a quiet stillness between the Chosen Tree and the Poorest Man. The man whispered to the tree, “You must help me, please. You must do for me what no other tree can do. Help me finish my quest.” The Tree promised and they went together.

When the sun was at its zenith, the Tree was thrown on the ground and the man was lashed to him. As iron thorns were driven through his hands and feet – his body revolted in pain. His screams shook the earth and split the heavens. The tree’s strong fibers held the iron thorns fast. Then the Chosen Tree was lifted up before the crowds. The Poorest Man said in a rustled breath, “Hold me here. I must take my stand in this horrible place.” And with those words, the Chosen Tree had his strength renewed. He stood tall on that terrible hill outside the Great King’s City. He held up the bloody arms of the Poorest Man in defiance of the Rogues and hate-filled crowds. The Chosen Tree was one with the man.

The tree’s past dreams of greatness and honor faded like stars at dawn – darkness crept upon that cursed hill. With every labored breath, the tree heard the man murmur, “I love you” to the hate filled mob that now stood in darkness. It was quiet. The Poorest Man’s breath became shallow but the tree could feel his heartbeat as if it was thunder.

Finally, the Poorest Man proclaimed to the crowd and to the heavens, “My work is done!” As his last breath left his battered body – in the stillness of that dim moment, the poor man gently sighed, “Thank you, thank you Chosen Tree – you have done well. I will never forget you.” The Poorest Man (the King’s Son – the Prince) died on that day in darkness. The earth shook under the weight of a dead prince’s love. The Chosen Tree had served his purpose – for which he was born. Promised kept, he was cold and saddened that this was his fate. He had been twisted into an instrument of death. The crowd left that horrible place. All but one Rogue. He stood and stared at the dead prince on the tree. In the darkness a tear fell from that dreadful Rogue’s eye.

The Chosen Tree was cast beyond the border of the city in a rubbish heap.

The tree wondered why the Great King’s vision never came to pass. He began to dream of the quiet forest of his youth – the gentle rain and light breezes that rustled his leaves – the magnificent sunlight of dawn and the sight of the King’s City. He faded into deep sleep in that place of refuse. Under the starry hosts, the Chosen Tree died.

“Wake up… wake up” a familiar voice whispered softly in song. The quiet sound of his voice reverberated throughout the forest. A hand gently touched his mighty trunk causing the tree to tremble. Again, the voice said, “wake up my friend.”

As the Chosen Tree stirred under the thundering whisper of the voice, a familiar light and warmth spread from his leaves to limbs, down through his trunk into the roots that lay deep in the earth. A pleasant breeze enveloped him. “What happened?” the tree thought. “What was that horrible nightmare?”

The Chosen Tree slowly recognized the man standing beneath him as rays of sunlight reflected and refracted off the dew all about the forest like tiny prisms. It was the King’s Son!

The Tree cried out, “I had a horrible dream dear Prince!” The Chosen Tree recounted the entire horrible tale. The tree told the Prince about the Great King’s vision. The tree shook with great grief as he told of the death of the Poorest Man.

In a soft voice, the King’s Son began to speak. “My dearest Chosen Tree, it was not a dream. It was all very real.” “I was the Poorest Man who carried you to that horrible hill.” The Tree remembered that dark time when the world sunk beneath the weight of night. The Prince continued, “You then carried me and held me as I needed to complete my Father’s work.” “The song that the Great King sang in the beginning of time planted you for the greatest purpose of all. If you had not been strong, you would not have held me.” With that, the Prince held up his hands. There were the Poorest Man’s scars where the Rogues had driven the iron thorns. “But you died – I was thrown outside the Great City and I died too” said the tree, confused.

The King’s Son began to laugh. “We did die!” he exclaimed. “But that was our purpose.” Just then, a little boy was running past in the forest. The child stopped suddenly and bowed to the Prince. The Tree vaguely recalled the little boy’s face. It was so familiar. The Prince lifted the child in his arms toward the Tree. A light came into the child’s eyes as he looked upon the Tree. “Is this the Chosen Tree you speak of, my Prince?” “Yes, my child” the King’s Son replied. “Do you remember him?” asked the Prince. “Why, yes I do! I do!” the child exclaimed. “I was there when he held you on that horrible hill.”

All of the sudden, the Tree remembered the boy. But, the boy on that horrible hill was a Rogue – a man of evil. A man who took part in the King’s Son’s death. This was the Rogue who threw the Chosen Tree outside the King’s City like rubbish. Now the Rogue was a little boy – full of joy.

The Prince set the child upon the ground beneath the mighty Tree. “Run and play, my child” he said with a grin. The little boy bowed before the Prince and turned to run and play. Then, the boy paused and walked toward the tree. He placed his little hand and head upon his trunk. He whispered, “Thank you, Chosen Tree – you were the throne I saw in the sky on that horrible hill on that dark day. The Prince saw me that day and I was sorry for what I had done.” The little boy quietly said, “I woke up here too.”

The boy bowed to the Prince again and waved at the Chosen Tree before joyfully running toward the King’s City.

The Tree realized that he was back in the forest. A perfect most beautiful forest. He could see the King’s City in the distance. It was bigger and more magnificent than ever. Light shone forth from its center. He could hear songs echoing from inside its walls and rising to the heavens like smoke.

The Tree noticed the Prince looking at the City. Then, his gaze fell upon the Chosen Tree again and a cool breeze blew through his leaves.

The Prince smiled and said, “There is only one tree like you. You were planted to hold me in the darkness before evil men in order that they would not perish. You were chosen to carry me to my throne. Now, I have planted you here. I restored you in peace in this beloved forest. This is the home I made for you.”

The Prince departed and walked toward the Great City as the singing grew louder. He turned and whispered in a voice that sounded like an ocean, “Home Forever.”

Moral Imagination Grounded in Revelation 21


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Untended fires

From a Christian perspective, I believe the primary fire we must never allow to die out is our relationship with God.

Have you ever sat by a campfire on a cold winter night?

I’ve always enjoyed a good campfire, particularly on cold nights. I love the warmth, watching the flames release smoke like plumes of silk into the air. Fires bring warmth, light and stir something deep within my soul. There is a connection to our past. Before the smartphone, electricity and stove, there was the campfire. Man has been staring into flames for thousands of years – a campfire in some ways embodies a kind of essence of primordial humanity.

Every campfire eventually dies out if left untended and without fuel. On a cold night as the flames have ceased and embers are fading, darkness and cold encroach the once warm space. The faces of those sitting around the fire grow dark as the light fades and the chill in the air creeps through your neck and back as cold advances on the area once claimed by warmth and light. At this point, you have a choice… Let the fire die out or tend it to bring it back to full flame.

It takes discipline to leave the tent in the cold of winter to stoke the fire. But, the fire is what sustains our warmth and comfort. Tend it, stir it and care for it. A fire is either growing or dying out. At no moment does it remain static.

You and I can learn a lot from a campfire.

Because of the gift nature of creation, even a campfire has meaning and significance beyond itself. In other words, fire has an essence infused into its existence that is much fuller than its utility. I think thats why most people find enjoyment, wonder and contemplation beyond the light and warmth of a fire.

My good friend Dr. Doug Cecil once said in a seminary class, “Untended fires soon die out and become a pile of ashes.” Think about that statement for a moment. If you’ve been around a fire, you know its absolutely true. Fires die out without tending and fuel. To sustain a warm fire, it takes commitment and time. The flames must be stoked and renewed with fuel.

Now let’s apply this ‘untended fires’ idea to our relationship with God and others because I believe we can learn deeper truths about reality and relationships from a simple campfire. When our relationship with God is neglected, that relationship grows cold. The same goes for our relationships with others.

I have old friends I have not spoken with in 20 years. I don’t know where they are or how their lives have turned out. Why? Because with the passage of time the relationship has grown distant and cold due to a lack of attention and tending. Are these relationships a dead pile of ashes? Perhaps. But perhaps not. The only way to find out is to reach out to that old friend and see if there is a hidden ember beneath the ashes. Then, I can fuel that ember and possibly bring the fire back. Given, there are some fires that must be allowed to die out and become a pile of ashes. Those are unhealthy relationships. However, for the most part a good stoking and tending of an old friendship can bring light and warmth into our lives.

From a Christian perspective, I believe the primary fire we must never allow to die out is our relationship with God. By stoking and fueling my communion with my God and creator, I am able to stir a kind of eternal flame in the lives of others (potentially). For my fellow Christians, it will be the flames of fellowship, encouragement, exhortation, challenge, comfort, joy, rest, peace, love and following Christ. For those who do not know the love of God in Christ Jesus, it will be the flames that shed light on sin, awareness of darkness, cold and judgement but also the inviting warmth of God’s goodness, grace, forgiveness, rest, love and peace. Notice how the fire and warmth for both end up pointing to a loving relationship with God.

What fires need to be tended in your life?

Want to know God better?
Spend time with Him in His word – the Bible. By reading and meditating on scripture, you are renewing your mind and stoking the fire of your love and knowledge of Him. The more time you commit to fueling your relationship with the God who loves you and saved you from sin the more you will experience Him as a growing reality in your daily life. The result will be the deep enjoyment of rest, joy, love and peace regardless of how cold and dark the circumstances of life become.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12:2)

“I have set the Lord always before me;
because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.” (Psalm 16:8)

Want to see God transform the lives of other people and the world?
Pray and intercede for others. Reading and meditating on God’s word reside also with prayer. If reading and meditation are the fuel, prayer is the oxygen required to bring the flames alive. Like warmth radiated by a fire, the result of prayer is the transformation in the world around you – particularly those standing close to your fire. Therefore, we tend fires through prayer.

“First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people,” (1 Timothy 2:1)

Want to experience the fullness of Christ?
Serve Him by serving others and sharing your hope in Him. Nothing ignites or reignites a fire in ourselves and others like hope. One way to share the hope you have is through serving others. Meeting the needs of others and protecting the vulnerable take you further into the Kingdom of God and draw you closer to His heart. There is also a blessing in the action of ‘doing ministry’ (John 13:17). Serving others is where what we believe intersects with our will to act. The toil can be tiresome even painful at times but you will experience a fullness and deep joy through serving and sharing. So, we can tend fires through serving and sharing.

“If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.” (John 13:17)

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45)

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” (Proverbs 11:25)

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9)

My hope and prayer is that you and I will attend to our relationships with God, each other and folks around us. May we remember that untended fires soon die out and become a pile of ashes. You’ll never look at a campfire quite the same again. Perhaps, you’ll see your relationship with God and others in a different light as well.

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*This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent those of my employer or my church. The opinions of expressed by guest authors and commenters do not necessarily represent my opinions.

Ambling among the stars

Ambling Among the Stars

Lo, these are but the outskirts of His ways…

Last weekend I spent two full days at the ranch.

My only company was Drake (our dog). It was beautiful and cold. And I was on my quest to bag one of those elusive bucks. One morning, I left the house for the deer blind two hours before sunrise. – the temperature was in the low 20’s. The sky was diaphanous and the moon was full, making her way westward. The gelid air was perfectly still. I had no need of artificial light as the celestial hosts were sufficient to illuminate my way.

A delicate dusting of ice crystals covered the landscape. The glittering frosty sheet under foot and all around shattered and reflected the bright full moon and stars above. The ground below appeared as the expanse of sky above. It was quite disorientating for a few moments as my perception of the beginning and end of earth and sky were thrown off in a dizzying display of tiny lights.

All was quiet – no breeze – no crickets – no birds or distant cows moaning. One could feel the stillness all around. The silence was only broken by my own heartbeat, my breath and the crunch of frost beneath my footsteps. I halted my progress to behold the beauty and stillness. A lone man, in a lone field, on a lone planet – under the vastness of the heavenly lights – encircled by exquisite crystals reflecting the exquisite night sky above, I stood breathless, in wonder.

In the quiet deepness of the moment bound among the delicate and the magnificent, God displayed His majesty. And I heard a still and quiet whisper, “Lo, these are but the outskirts of His ways: And how small a whisper do we hear of Him! But the thunder of His power who can understand?” (Job 26:14)

As I beheld God’s thundering power in frozen silence, I held a little Thanksgiving service in that field as I remembered who God is… In remembering Him, I was reminded who I am. To know Him is to see His glory in surprising ways.


There is nothing mundane in God’s manifold creation. One of man’s biggest failures is his love affair with Modernity. Modernity is marked by mundane flattening of all of reality with an impingement of over-skepticism. Wonder is swept away as childish when modern man twists multi-faceted creation into a one-dimensional travesty of meaningless chance and matter.

Don’t confuse ‘child-like’ wonder and awe with ‘childish’ immaturity and selfishness.
To recapture child-like wonder is not at all childish. On the contrary, wonder actually allows the imagination to experience the inner consistency of reality. The gift-nature of creation always speaks and points to something beyond itself – to the Creator God who infused everything with meaning, purpose and goodness.

Read Genesis 1 and 2. Allow the truth of God’s great story to become a growing reality in your life as you play your role in the great story.


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