Your Moment: Will you know it when it happens?

“There comes a special moment in everyone’s life, a moment for which that person was born…. When he seizes it… it is his finest hour.”

– Sir Winston Churchill –

Posted May 30, 2013

Every man and woman on this planet has a purpose.

That purpose may not be immediately recognizable. It may be months or years before our experiences unfold to reveal that purpose. However, you must recognize it and seize it.

Ah-ha Moment
On day you will reach a moment when you step into the purpose for which you were created. If you are aware, you will seize it. And like a professional golfer who seemingly places the ball where he wants with ease or concert pianist who allows the music to play her, your life culminates into one moment of precision and beauty where your light will shine. (more…)

The Gift of Discouragement?

A few months ago I took a test that is designed to uncover spiritual gifts. The results revealed that my top two gifts are teaching and encouraging. While teaching was not a surprise, the gift encouraging was surprising to me. I’ve always considered myself as a bit cynical, skeptical, standoffish with a hint of pessimism. However, when I discussed this with a group of close friends, I found that I actually was a strong encourager. That was encouraging to hear, but I did not really believe them (go figure).

Know Thyself (Socrates): Why the conflict?
I decided to investigate this conflict. I noticed that most of the time I was very encouraging to folks around me. However, occasionally I was discouraging. This was most evident when I noticed my wife called me ‘Debbie Downer’ a couple times. As I analyzed what triggered her saying this, I learned a couple things about myself.