I realize that in order to read this post, you must be on a computer or smartphone. I hope that when you have finished reading it, you will put away the device and look up. Is there anyone in the room with you? What are they doing right now?

Maybe you are by yourself right now. What is your best friend doing right now? How about your mom or dad?

Watch this video (it’s 5 minutes long and won’t be a waste of you time):

I don’t usually spend long hours per day on Facebook but, I do find myself mindlessly scrolling the News Feed several times a day. Particularly at night before going to bed. How do I so easily drift into this state of feeding on the news feed? Then, the question hit me;

Is ‘feeding on Facebook’ beneficial?

In the time span between March and Easter, I decided to try a little experiment. I did a ‘Facebook Fast’. I limited my time on Facebook at about 2 minutes per day.

You know what, I did not experience a giant epiphany during that time. What I did experience was a subtle shift within my life. I can only describe it as a quiet change. I did not notice the shift until I decided to go back to my normal Facebook behavior. I dove back into Facebook with a vengeance!

The Result:
Just a couple weeks after Easter and the conclusion of my fast, I’ve had problems sleeping and a familiar measure of discontent has creeped back into my experience. My book reading and number of phone calls to family and friends have dropped significantly. Procrastination has also begun to infect my life. These are just a few things I can name at the moment.

“Your life may be measured by what you reap, but it is determined by what you sow.”
– Neil Anderson

Humans are relational creatures. We ALL desire and long for relationship. Social media engenders is a synthetic form of relationship(s). We believe that social media ‘connects people’. That is not completely true. It connects data and information (communication). Does social media have good purposes? Sure. However, like a drug, it must be used sparingly.  Social media should be renamed ‘Anti-Social MEdia’.

So, thanks for reading this. Please shut down your device for just a few minutes and look up. Is anyone with you now? Say hello. If you are alone, walk outside and look up! Find something beautiful to captivate your mind. Perhaps, a simple call (not text) to your best friend.

Sow something good into someone else’s life, you will harvest joy and real connection. Want a friend, be a friend. Give them your love, not your ‘Like’.

Ps. If you need me, I’ll be the guy outside looking up~