Last month, I had the privilege of sitting down with Kay Pirtle, Editor of Wedgwood, Cityview and Ridglea Shopping News. We discussed everything from the Fiscal Cliff to personal finance and ‘why’ Cashion Financial is unique among advisory firms.

Lance Cashion of Cashion Financial in the News

The interview was featured as the cover story of the January 9th issue. The article is entitled ‘Experience a Different Financial Reality with Lance Cashion‘. I have posted the full article here.

“Experience a Different Financial Reality with Lance Cashion”
By Kay Pirtle (Editor Wedgwood, Cityview & Ridglea Shopping News)
Article Date: January 9, 2013

With the fiscal cliff behind us for a while, it’s time to think about 2013 and getting your financial “house” in order. Even if you’re not a billionaire, the average person needs to know some basic facts about financial planning.

“Financially well-equipped Americans are the single most powerful force for good and economic regeneration in the world,” Financial Advisor and Insurance Broker Lance Cashion said from his office at 830 Taylor St. in downtown Fort Worth. “Financial planning is the core of what we do. Around that is insurance and making sure our clients are properly insured. Once you have control of your financial core, we can look down the road and share the yoke of stewardship in all phases of financial life.”

As president of two firms, Cashion Financial, LLC and HybridCare, LLC, Cashion excels at diving into the financial fray with his clients and using “safe money” strategies to deal with those challenges. “We have to be completely transparent. All assets are held by Fidelity Investments Institutional.”

Cashion Financial, LLC provides professional financial planning, wealth management, liquidity retention and distribution, and institutional investing to the novice as well as the sophisticate. Together Cashion and his clients meet their financial challenges by employing conservative, common sense strategies which impact their lives through his work.

Challenging decades of bad financial advice, Cashion, an income specialist, and his team educate and empower those who want to experience a different financial reality. “You can tell me what you want and I’ll break it down and tell you what you need,” he said. “What worked twenty years ago, doesn’t work today.”

He’s passionate, driven and above all wants to help. “My duty is to help,” he said. “If I teach my clients how to deal with financial challenges and they have the ability to share that information with someone else, we can impact lives and the economy. With all of the trouble in our economy, there is a great opportunity to build on a new foundation of stewardship and serving others.

Cashion calculated the government comes out with 64 new regulations every day. No one can stay abreast of those on a daily basis, he said. “We can only use what information we have for today and stay proactive. Additionally, we offer risk analysis and appraisal, retirement planning, portfolio triage and 401k and IRA rollovers. Investment advisory services are offered through Global Financial Private Capital, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

HybridCare, LLC is an insurance and retirement service provider. It focuses on the Medicare, long-term care, life insurance and final expense needs of its clients, offers Medicare Supplement (Medigap), long-term care insurance, life and health insurance, income protection and tax-free wealth transfer.  Cashion has been a licensed Life and Health Insurance Broker since 1998 and has served as CTO and vice president of American Health Underwriters, Inc.

A question Cashion says clients should ask themselves is, “How does what I have now and what my children will inherit effect my children?” He cautions his clients to be careful when leaving too much money to teens who can’t be responsible for it. That’s where his expertise as a retirement planner comes in handy. “I have already started teaching my son about saving and doing little jobs around the house,” said Cashion, who is married to Kathryn and they have a daughter and son.

As a broker, “I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of people with their insurance needs,” Cashion said. “Over the years, I have seen my two passions collide; the love of serving the insurance needs of clients and technology. Plus, I’ve enjoyed building relationships with my insurance providers and clients to bring solutions to problems.”
For more information call Cashion at 817-877-5861, ext. 149 or online at

Source Contact: Kay Pirtle – Wedgwood Shopping News 6001 Granbury Rd. Ft. Worth, TX 76133 (817)-292-2260 (Reference Issue #986). Download PDF of Article Lance Cashion Cover Story-Wedgwood News 1-2013.

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