It’s spreading.

Man is capable of great harm or great good.

His mission is rooted in his identity.

The status quo of prolonged boyhood must be challenged.

Modern culture must be challenged.

Because man is called to a cause greater than himself.

Authentic men and fathers are necessary for strong families and flourishing communities.

“Whenever the status quo is threatened by an outsider, the insiders fight back. If you are doing things right – if you are upsetting the status quo – you will be criticized … They will call you names, denigrate, and put up barriers.”

Seth Godin –

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Goal Setting – a proven system

Goal Setting – a proven system

I’m often asked how I go about goal setting. So, I decided to share my goal setting system. You may not a goal-setter or you could be goal guru.  Wherever you find yourself, I hope you find value here. My biggest obstacle in reaching my goals is me.

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Will you allow the culture to define who you are as a man?

The status quo is maintained by a power structure that suppresses authentic manhood. The status quo exists in a culture of tyranny over the spirit of men.
My objective is to upend the status quo and challenge the culture by speaking truth to power and encouraging men to become leaders.  I will accomplish this through stories, lessons and transparency from an imperfect man.
Will you lead and fight the good fight?

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