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No Time for Weak Men

America has arrived at a civilizational moment, a crisis point, and it is no time for weak men. Men are called to be formidable and good.

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Tone Police

Tone Policing is a logical fallacy (ad hominem). Content and validity is brushed aside and subjective tone is reframed as the issue.

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You are worthy and valuable

The truth is the truth regardless if you believe it or not. You are worthy very valuable! You have so many fine qualities. You are made in the image of God. You have intrinsic value and worth.

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Conquering the Madness of the Moment with God’s Story

God structured reality in such a way and embedded reality in his creation so that His image-bearers (humans) can apprehend it, albeit imperfectly. For sure, the fallen world, sin and broken lives distort and dim the good world God created. But, that is not the end of...

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“We state things as they are… We tell the truth.”

– David Bell –


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