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He Gets Us? Don’t Take the Bait!

Think biblically and employ the theological resources provided in scripture. Use discernment and logic when viewing all media, including emotionally manipulative Super Bowl commercials that claim to convey a biblical message. ALL Christians must develop theological precision and clarity. It’s time for Christians to think critically. It’s time for Christians to think critically from a biblical worldview perspective.

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Rethinking the Public Square and Marching Back Through the Institutions

The existence of the public square bears witness to God’s common grace. Christians must rethink the value and dignity of the Public Square. Entertainment, government, education, media, the church, and the family make up the cultural fabric of America. Christians must march back through the ruins of the institutions.

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What is Love?

The term ‘love’ is one of the most commonly used words in the English language. Love can mean a lot of things. What is Love, really?

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