Lance Cashion’s
Revolution of Man








The Power of Stories

Stories are powerful. Everyone loves a good story. We all want to be a part of a good story. In fact, stories form the architecture of our lives.

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Race Redeemed – We Are One

By design, human beings search for meaning in life. When we attempt to create our own meaning or identity outside of God’s vision of human life, we end up creating massive problems individually and culturally. However, when we ground our identity in God’s design as His image-bearers, we see human flourishing. We experience unity in the diversity of individual image-bearers as one race – the human race.

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What is the First Responsibility of a Leader?

The number one thing missing in our culture is LEADERSHIP. What should a leader do first? When we discuss great leaders who did great things, we tend to focus on the character qualities and accomplishments of great leaders without noticing the first duty of a leader.

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The Chosen Tree – a short story

In the shadows before history, the Great King launched into his song and with every word, great things came forth. Majestic light shown all about. Stars, planets, and moons moved with grace upon the sky as spheres riding on the waves of music.

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