Lance Cashion’s
Revolution of Man








The Music in My Head – DJing, Raves and Redemptive Vision

As I sit in my office, I am surrounded by music that connects with the old raver, the old man – the DJ. I see it all through new redeemed eyes and a new heart. Within every sleeve lies not just a slice of vinyl but a piece of music – a story – connecting to something beyond itself.

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Untended fires

You and I can learn a lot from a campfire. Because of the gift nature of creation, even a campfire has meaning and significance beyond itself.

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What will 2021 be like?

2020 has been a watershed year across the world. It appears as if a shift has occurred across society and throughout culture.

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Ambling among the stars

In the quiet deepness of the moment bound among the delicate and the magnificent, God displayed His majesty. For grown men to recapture child-like wonder is not at all ‘childish’. On the contrary, wonder actually allows the imagination to experience the inner consistency of reality.

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The Great Reset Requires Great Resistance

Did you know the richest most powerful people in the world have a plan for your life? Who knew that these ivory tower elite angels have your best interest at heart? I know you’re a breathing a giant sigh of relief – with your mask on, of course. They call it ‘The Great Reset.’

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COVID and the Church

What if the Church treated sin as seriously as we do this virus? Billions of people will contract COVID-19, more than 99% will survive.

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