(Note: I do not endorse globaldemoracy(dot)com… But, applaud their posting of this video)

I enjoy going to the grocery store with my wife and young children. I appreciate the opportunity of teaching them the value of a dollar.

I hate waiting in the check-out line. Not because I hate waiting. I hate the images on the magazines surrounding my family in the checkout isle. We live in what I call a ‘Photoshop Culture‘ where almost every image we see is airbrushed, manipulated and/or enhanced. When we’re waiting in the checkout line, my little daughter does not realize she is looking at a complete LIE.  Neither does my young son.

It begs the question; What kind of impact do these images have on the minds of our children?

After all, these photos are not real, they are pixels that have been manipulated and marketed to us as ‘beautiful’.  This has been going on for years but, someone finally created a good video that shows you how its done.

Counterfeit Reality:
A couple months ago, I wrote a post called ‘Life Has Surface Noise‘. In it, I made the following statement:

“As a cultural, we hold up a fashion magazine with an image of a woman with a perfect face and perfect body. Culture’s message is clear, “This is the image WE value! If your daughter, wife or sister does not look like this image, she is worthless!”

The problem is that the image of perfection on the magazine that we uphold is counterfeit. That image of the ‘perfect’ woman has been clinically manipulated and airbrushed by an artist with a computer. So, its a lie… each square millimeter of the image has been scrubbed of all humanness.”

Dealing with Deception:
Here’s the bottom line. We’ve all been deceived! You’ve been made aware of the deception and we’ve shined the light of truth on a lie.

So, what are you going to do about it?