Assignment for September 18 – 25, 2020

Assignment 2 “A Christian Manifesto”

I. Read Genesis 1-2 and Acts 17:26

II. Read the Chapter 4 through Chapter 6 of “A Christian Manifesto” by Francis Schaeffer.

III. Watch Anthony Bradley’s “Kuyper Revisited” video (9mins)

IV. Answer the questions below. Use the comments section to share if you like.

1. In Genesis 1-2, we have the creation narrative before the Fall of man. God institutes the domain of man to “fill and form” the created order.  In Acts 17:24-26, Paul proclaims the “unknown god” and the domain of man in history and place (this would include culture).

Question: In light of these passages, what is the role of the Christ-follower?  In other words, how should we live our lives in the domain of God’s creation in this moment?

2. Read Chapters 4-6 of “A Christian Manifesto”

Question: Can you summarize the main points of each chapter in one or two sentences?  Imagine a friend asks you what those chapters are about.

3. In Anthony Bradley’s talk “Kuyper Revisited” he discusses the Creation narrative and the idea of our place in the domain of culture and history.

Question: In light of our passages, chapters 4-6 of “A Christian Manifesto” and Bradey’s talk; How might you appreciate your place in this cultural moment and your role if a ‘window’ is indeed ‘open’ (Schaeffer chapter 6)?


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