Jumping Friends
You cannot fall in love with a number. A number cannot love you. If we listen to modern culture, we expend most of our lives accumulating stuff instead of cultivating relationships. We are left with a void that we believe we can fill with more stuff. This is a wrongheaded deception and completely empty.

To paraphrase Dr. Richard Swenson, “Careers, education, houses and retirement accounts never quite get the job done. Somehow we just keep taking our expensive cars to our offices to make more money, while our relationships vaporize before our eyes and our loneliness deepens.”

I have a client who has accumulated substantial assets in 66 years of life. She lives comfortably. However, she is very sick and has no family or close friends around her. She would the trade hundreds of thousands of dollars in her accounts for good health and relationship.

Warren Buffett is worth $53.5 Billion dollars. That impressive number cannot love him. That number cannot replace the embrace of his wife or share ice cream with him like his grandchildren. Can you share a beautiful sunset with a number? The answer is NO.

Put the number in its proper place, behind people. Not in front.

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