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Modern culture defines you as a self-centered adult male animal.

The world plays to your selfish desires and addictions.  It laughs at your emasculated character yet feeds your every sexual longing with fantasy. The world mocks any honor and respectability you possess and counterfeits them with status and instant gratification.

The culture places you in a little cage and feeds your pleasures with sex, drugs, drink, food, fitness, money, possessions and other diversions. As long as you stay in your little cage and behave, the culture will feed your base desires (like an animal). If you dare to step out of your little cage for what is true, pure and good, the world will attack you and punish you.  Whether you want to admit it or not, you are in bondage.

Its time for authentic men to stand up and absolutely decimate culture’s disordered definition of manhood.

Manhood is not based on age or status.  It’s based on character.

Are you a man of character?

Culture’s definition of who you are as a man is a complete lie.  Yet, many of us believe it.

You can sit on your apathetic duff and do nothing or you can break out of the little cage and learn what the revolution is all about.

To be continued…. Stay tuned.