Hope is a Weapon


I spend very little time watching television
(unless Duck Dynasty is on). I limit my consumption of most forms of ‘news’ media as I would limit my eating fast food. It seems that the world is in perpetual flux and if we can’t watch a crisis, we turn the channel until find one. If there is no television to be found, we simply reach for our smart phone or tablet in order to feed on crisis. We are actually at war within our own minds.

Spirit of Fear
I fall victim to anxiety and fear at times. I spent the last several weeks monitoring my overall mindset. I decided to look for triggers that cause anxiety and fear. I found that it is very easy for me to get sucked into ‘crisis media’. The imagery, drama, emotion and intrigue entice me into watching crisis. When I snap out of this hypnotic state, I find that the spirit of fear has crept into my mind. From my conversations with friends and family, the spirit of fear has infected many. The general tone in our society has become one of unhealthy fear.  Hope is a weapon… (more…)