Ranger Mission

Do you ever think about what your life would be like if you could (fill in the blank)?
Or, what would the world be like if we could; cure cancer, end hunger, etc.?

Maybe you have a personal mission statement? I strongly recommend that you create one.  We live in a culture that lacks purpose.  You must be different.

Vision is born into the mind through imagination where it is held.
Mission is where a vision is transferred from the mind to reality.
Mission begins to affect reality when we make a statement followed by action(s).

There are a lot of different views on what makes up a mission. Some folks use mission to define who they are and who they are not, including values, character traits, etc. Those aspects play roles defining your identity and core values. However, mission is about ‘doing’ with the purpose to achieve an outcome in the future. Creating a mission begins in current reality (the present). It includes who, what, when, where and why.

Vision and Mission are very powerful and mysterious gifts that God has bestowed humans. We have been blessed with the ability to consciously think about a future reality (vision) we desire to see manifested. Then, we have the capabilities to bring imagination into reality by executing tasks (mission).

Walt Disney
Go to Disneyland in California and you can experience the reality of Walt Disney’s imagination and vision. Long before he purchased 160 acres near Anaheim in 1953, he had a grand vision. Walt Disney held a future reality in his mind. In 1955, Disneyland opened to the public.

A worthy mission
A teacher at a high-school where only 75% of the students graduate (currently) has a vision where 100% of students graduate (in the future). The teacher’s mission will be derived from her vision. “I want this outcome, I must execute these action plans (made up of goals) to achieve this outcome.”

An over-arching mission can be broken into smaller missions in order to achieve an outcome that you envision. Think Allied Command in WWII.

Mission begins with a Statement:

Over the years I have experimented with different ways of creating a viable mission statement. Last year I was creating a mission statement for an initiative at our church. I asked my pastor and good friend for some advice. He happens to be a retired tank commander in the US Army. He handed me the US Army Ranger Handbook. It was a huge help in clarifying my mission and mission statement.

“This is a clear, concise statement of the mission essential task(s) to be accomplished by the unit (team) and the purpose to be achieved.
The mission statement will state WHO, WHAT (the task), WHEN (the critical time), WHERE (usually a grid coordinate), and WHY
(the purpose the unit must achieve).” -Pg. 22 of US Army Ranger Handbook.

What will reality look like when you complete your mission?