Christian Tradition of Resistance Against Tyranny

Learn more about the rich tradition of Christian resistance against tyranny.

[Podcast] Should You Obey Vaccine Mandates from Your Employer? A Biblical Approach to Governmental Authority”

The Antithesis with Owen Strachan: How should we think through masking and vaccine mandates? Paul has no small, glancing opinion on authorities, and so we will examine Romans 13 (and other passages) in discussing this timely and important topic. And it all comes down to this: Obedience to God matters most.

[Book] Slaying Leviathan: Limited Government and Resistance in the Christian Tradition (by Glenn S. Sunshine)

Leviathan is rising again, and the first weapon we must recover is the longstanding Christian tradition of resisting governmental overreach. Our bloated bureaucratic state would have been unrecognizable to the Founders, and our acquiescence to its encroachments on liberty would have infuriated them. But here is the point: our Leviathan would not have surprised them. They were well acquainted with the tendency of governments to turn tyrannical: “Eternal vigilance is the price we pay for liberty.” 

[Book] Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos – Junius Brutus (Introduction by Dr. Glenn Sunshine)

“Despite its brevity, the Vindiciae’s sharp defense of the right of subjects to resist unjust or ungodly rulers even to the point of armed rebellion helped shape the political theories of John Locke in England and the American Founding Fathers. Its arguments on the rights and responsibilities of rulers and subjects continue to be relevant today as we consider the limits of the power of the government and the rights of citizens to oppose governmental overreach.” ~ Dr. Glenn Sunshine, from the Introduction

[Book] Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents (by Rod Dreher)

Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn once noted that people often assume that their democratic government would never submit to totalitarianism—but Dreher says it’s happening. Sounding the alarm about the insidious effects of identity politics, surveillance technology, psychological manipulation, and more, he equips contemporary Christian dissidents to see, judge, and act as they fight to resist the erosion of our freedoms.

[Book] A Christian Manifesto: 25th Anniversary Edition (by Francis A. Schaeffer)

Culture’s pressing issues have not changed in the 25 years since apologist Schaeffer’s original call for Christians to return to biblical truth. Showing why morality and freedom have crumbled in our society, this modern-day prophet calls for re-establishing America’s Judeo-Christian foundation in order to change the course of history.

[Article] Ecclesia Non Grata by Regis Nicoll on the Deepening Loss of Religious Freedom & Our Response

Regis Nicoll is a retired nuclear engineer and physicist who is a Colson Center Fellow and Christian commentator. He currently writes for BreakPoint, Crosswalk, and Salvo magazine, and serves as the lay pastor of an Anglican church plant in Chattanooga.

[Podcast] Property Rights are Human Rights (by Douglas Wilson)

Doug Wilson cuts straight to the heart of the issues with a clear biblical understanding.



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