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Live Webinar and Q&A with Michael Craven 3/4/2024

Topic: Why the Church Abandoned the Culture 
The Christian faith has gone from being a public truth to a private experience.
The role of the Church in the broader culture has waned over the past 100 years. As faith has receded from society, dark ideologies have set up residence in the cultural domains vacated by Christians. Little wonder our families, communities, institutions, and even churches are in decay. What would our churches, families, communities, and nation look like when Christians invade all of culture with the truth and light of Jesus Christ? Lance Cashion is joined by special guest, Michael Craven, Vice President of Equipping & Mobilization at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview.

Live Webinar wth Lance Cashion: Ending Human Trafficking – Worldview Strategy 1/10/2024 

Human Trafficking is the downstream effect of a broken and poisoned culture. Therefore, we must travel upstream to solve the problem. In this webinar, I trace the cultural pathologies and roots that created the conditions for human trafficking to increase in America. I also provide some biblical applications and solutions. The church is capable of ending human trafficking and exploitation in our communities… The question is, will she?

Live Interview with Dr. Os Guinness 08/08/2022

We discuss topics ranging from Os Guinness’s upbringing in China during the Chinese Revolution, to current events in America, to privatization and secularization in the church, and a recovery of calling to serve God’s purposes in our generation. We talk about freedom, what makes American freedom unique, how to deal with past national injustices like racism and slavery biblically and the role of ordinary people in the recovery of a nation. We explore time, nations, and reaching future generations from a distinctly Christian perspective. Learn more about Os Guinness here…

Live Interview with Dr. Christopher Yuan 06/21/2022

Live interview with author, speaker, and Bible professor Dr. Christopher Yuan. We Discuss: – Identity and sexuality from a biblical perspective – How to reach and apply the essence of the gospel to a gay loved one. – What Christ-followers can do to minister in to those struggling with same-sex attraction – The importance of prayer, and more. Learn more about Dr. Yuan here…

Live Interview with Monique Duson 06/06/2022

Monique Duson, Executive Director of the Center for Biblical Unity as we discuss the flashpoints in culture – including human identity, race, and more from a biblical worldview perspective. Monique is one of the most sought after Christian thinkers and speakers on race and culture. She is straight forward, funny, and encouraging. We discuss race, Critical Race Theory, how it impacts the church, racial reconciliation and her story…. and more. Learn more about Monique Duson and the Center for Biblical Unity

Live Event with Dr. Ben Carson 01/23/2022

We had the joy and privilege of hosting our first ForLife Initiative Dinner with our guests, Dr. Ben Carson (joined by his wife Candy). Dr. Carson is a kind and thoughtful Christian. He has broken through barriers throughout his accomplished life. He has remained faithful to Christ and his wife. Dr. Carson covers a lot of ground in his talk about human life at a historical event. 

Learn more about Dr. Ben Carson’s current work here…