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“The first duty of a leader is to define reality.”

– Max Dupree-

No man amounts to much until all his faculties have been challenged. There must come a moment when a trumpet-blast, a pistol-shot, a bugle-call stirs all his pulses. And, this being so, life takes good care that, sooner or later, we shall find ourselves dared by some tremendous situation. Therein lies the secret of that thirst for adventure, which is the hallmark of humanity.

Rev. Dr. F.W. Boreham


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Podcast: Do you know how to think or are you being told what to think?

Last month I had the privilege of being a guest on Shanda Fulbright’s “Her Faith Inspires” Podcast.
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posts from the revolution

Part Two: The Christian's Role in Culture, Politics and Government

Christians cannot retreat from the ideas, institutions, laws, edicts and movements that harm our neighbors and still claim we love our neighbors or God. Historically, Christians shaped the societies and times in which they dwelled. Christians were different – set apart but never apathetic to the people and communities around them.

Part One: Politics is Downstream from Culture

Christians should approach culture as Christians, not as politicians. We are engaged in a bigger enterprise of making disciples of the nations (societies) and calling them to obey God’s commands. That means, Christians have permission and good reason to reach and reside in the mission fields of the academy, arts and music, media, elite circles and yes, even politics.

Truth and Feelings are NOT Created Equal

How you or I feel about something does not indicate whether it is true or not.

How The Mighty Fall - A Primer on Successful Leadership

“Every institution, no matter how great, is vulnerable to decline.” – Jim Collins

As leaders of families, teams, companies, platoons, churches or any organization, learning what NOT to do is just as important as learning what to do.

Faithful in the Moment

You are not called to worry about what others think of you. You are not called to be anxious about anything.

You are called to be faithful in the moment.

Christians and Culture - What is Culture?

By design mankind is a cultural creature.

It is not who we are as much as it is what we do.

The Gift of Thought - Cultivating a Theology of Thinking

What do you spend your time thinking about?
What is the purpose of thinking?
What ought we think about?

The Power of Stories

Everyone loves a good story. We all want to be a part of a good story.

Stories form the architecture of our lives.

Did You Know You Were Made For This Time and Place?

The Gospel isn’t a formula you apply to your life; it’s the Story you’re meant to inhabit.

Do you know your role in the story of which you inhabit?

Race Redeemed – We Are One

Recovering biblical anthropology and the true meaning of race. The word and concept of ‘race’ has been distorted over the last 150 years.

What is the First Responsibility of a Leader?

In a cultural moment where leadership is lacking, good leaders must do this one thing first. The number one thing missing in our culture is LEADERSHIP. What should a leader do first?

Don’t Be a Coward – Creating Communities of Courage

Cowardice has no place in the life of the Christian or Christ’s Church. Throughout scripture, God repeatedly calls his servants, his people to be courageous - courage is contagious.

The Chosen Tree – a short story

Before time began, the Great King beheld a vision of a particular tree – a Chosen Tree. In the shadows before history, the Great King launched into his song and with every word, great things came forth. Majestic light shown all about.

Recovering GRIT in the Church

While the secular world has its own vision of GRIT, I think True GRIT is rooted in who we are called to be as Christians.

The Music in My Head – DJing, Raves and Redemptive Vision

As I sit in my home office, I am surrounded by music that connects with the old raver, the old man – the DJ. I see it all through new redeemed eyes and a new heart.

Are ‘Woke’ Christians Breaking the 9th Commandment or Worse?

“The Ninth Commandment states, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” The Bible is clear that lying is a sin. What does this have to do with “woke Christians?

Detachment and Reflection to gain Perspective - what have you learned?

Two of the best disciplines we can adopt are detachment and reflection in order to gain perspective and make plans going forward.

Untended Fires

You and I can learn a lot from a campfire. Because of the gift nature of creation, even a campfire has meaning and significance beyond itself. In other words, fire has an essence infused into its existence that is much fuller than its utility.

What will 2021 be like?

2020 has been a watershed year across the world. It appears as if a shift has occurred across society and throughout culture. Let’s assess the good and bad of 2020 before diving headlong into 2021. After all, we have about 48 hours.

Deposing the Tyranny of Fear

The Church is the ONLY institution on the planet that can disrupt the trend toward tyranny. Political parties do not have the moral fortitude or mandate to achieve this. Only the Church has the theological equipment, moral conviction and spiritual power to recover, reclaim, redeem and restore that which is quickly decaying.

Ambling among the stars

In the quiet deepness of the moment bound among the delicate and the magnificent, God displayed His majesty. For grown men to recapture child-like wonder is not at all ‘childish’. On the contrary, wonder actually allows the imagination to experience the inner consistency of reality.

The Great Reset Requires Great Resistance

Did you know the richest most powerful people in the world have a plan for your life?
Who knew that these ivory tower elite angels have your best interest at heart? I know you’re a breathing a giant sigh of relief – with your mask on, of course. Get ready because, here comes ‘The Great Reset!”

COVID and the Church

What if the Church treated sin as seriously as we do this virus? Billions of people will contract COVID-19 over the next couple years, more than 99% will survive. Sin has a 100% death rate. Billions will die in their sins apart from Salvation in Christ.


“Whenever the status quo is threatened by an outsider, the insiders fight back. If you are doing things right – if you are upsetting the status quo – you will be criticized … They will call you names, denigrate, and put up barriers.”

Seth Godin –

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