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Rethinking the Public Square and Marching Back Through the Institutions

The existence of the public square bears witness to God’s common grace. Christians must rethink the value and dignity of the Public Square. Entertainment, government, education, media, the church, and the family make up the cultural fabric of America. Christians must march back through the ruins of the institutions.

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What is Love?

The term ‘love’ is one of the most commonly used words in the English language. Love can mean a lot of things. What is Love, really?

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Rise up and Rebuild

We don’t realize we’re living in a spiritual wasteland. If the Apostle Paul walked into our church buildings this Sunday to check the fruit of his church-planting ministry, would he recognize the church as the Church he planted?

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Weeks Where Decades Happen

At the center of the current clash are two fundamental worldview questions, which lead to two different answers and destinations.

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Church Leaders Silencing Employees Using Legal Agreements?

Money being offered in non-disparagement agreements can be a messy and sometimes profoundly evil transaction. At times people are asked with an offer of money to hide acts that are wrong, evil, and even criminal; some are asked for money not to talk about a corrupted institution.

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