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Lance Cashion is taking the conversation deeper… A journey into worldview, cultural intelligence, and current issues from a biblical perspective. Transforming knowledge and understanding to action. Head knowledge is great but if you don’t do anything with it, then all you’ve done is learn something interesting. We must have the moral courage to act. 

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Lance as Featured Guest on Podcasts

03/16/2022 – Lance Cashion interviewed by William Nogons from SuperProgressive’s podcast called “Backtracks.”
“In this episode, Lance Cashion brings us back to his early days in the Orlando scene, where we learn how the Orlando underground ecosystem operated and hear stories about clubs like The Edge. Additionally, Lance teaches us the about the importance of strong resident DJs and how his experience in Orlando helped him build a progressive scene in Austin, Texas, where he promoted the Austin leg of the Delta Heavy tour and was a resident DJ himself.”

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