“You can’t make a difference in the world unless you are DIFFERENT from the world”

– Dr. Jack Graham

About Lance
My name is Lance Cashion and I live in Fort Worth, Texas with my wife and two children. I am an imperfect Christ-follower. That means I’m saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. I do and say things at times that are completely antithetical to what Christ teaches.

There are no ‘textbook’ examples of Christians except Christ himself found in the text of the Bible. Therefore, do look to me (or any other Christian) as a role model of perfection. I will eventually let you down. However, I can point you to the perfect Savior I love, follow and serve. I am a hypocrite, the church is full of them – there is always room for one more.

I’ve lived an interesting life. By God’s grace and protection, I am still here. By all conventions, I should be dead.

Over my lifetime, I’ve struggled with depression, learning challenges, fractured relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, and contemplating suicide. I’m a post-abort. Meaning that I got a young woman pregnant and chose to end the life of the unborn child. I’ve lied and hurt people around me. I am a recovering self-centered punk. I was an immature male following my own selfish desires. I was in bondage to those desires.

None of those experiences define me. Yes, they are a part of my journey. But, they do not define who I am as a man.

Over the last ten years, I have experienced forgiveness, healing and reconciliation. I find myself grounded in Christ and called to be an authentic Biblical man. A man of character, humility and grit. I am called to fiercely defend the weak and stand against injustice. I am called to be a light of truth in a dark confused world. I am a man. A man born into this cultural moment. I have something to say. Most importantly, I have a mission to accomplish in this short life.


A REVOLUTION is occurring in my life. Like a prairie fire, it is spreading into the lives of others. My goal is to pour fuel on that fire. That is the objective of Revolution of Man.

Passivity is not an option. Failure will happen. Learn from it and press on. Keep asking God to fuel your fire. He will.

At the moment, I’m a tribe of one. However, I know other men on the same path.

Revolution of Man is not some club. It is a REVOLUTION in the heart of men. It is a CALL to step into the darkness and be a light.

Work - Career

I was minding my own business running a wealth management firm and marketing company when the Executive Pastor at my church contacted me to discuss my ‘calling’. I believed my calling was to serve the Lord and reach people through my businesses. But, God had other plans for my future. I entered full-time ministry over 4 years ago at Christ Chapel Bible Church serving as Local Outreach Pastor / Director.  It is the most challenging and exciting work I’ve undertaken in my entire life.

I am a serial entrepreneur.

Over the years, I’ve worked in the music business. I’ve worked health insurance industry. I own an independent wealth management/financial planning firm and an insurance marketing firm. I launched my first business when I was 13 years old working as a DJ for my friends’ parties (see ‘Music’ below)

Music Career and Interests

After high school, I began DJing around Orlando, Florida (I was at Rollins College in Winter Park). I was a professional DJ for nearly two decades. I’ve played all over North America including some of the most historical clubs and venues in the world. I’ve owned record labels and promotion companies. I released music on various labels, managed a hand full of artists, opened clubs, overseen sound and light installations and hosted two radio shows. I was immersed in this world for many years.

I made many longtime friends. To this day, I love electronic music – when I hear a tune created by a friend, I’m hoisted back to the times we shared. The studio is a hobby and a creative outlet for me.

Creating electronic music has also taught me how to solve problems, complete complex tasks and concentrate.  I’ve learned working within a digital audio workstation environment my Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is either arrested or somehow leveraged for hours.  I do not know the science behind this.  However, its the only environment where I am able to concentrate for long periods of time.  This practice has trained my brain to be able to focus longer in other areas.  

As I’ve mentioned, I am a ‘big-picture’ strategic thinkers.  Writing and listening to music helps me put pieces together in my mind in three dimension.  This has translated into my work and ministry.  I am thankful for the gift of music.

  • Avon Old Farms School – All boys prep school in Avon, CT
  • Rollins College – Tiny liberal arts college in Winter Park, FL
  • University of Sydney – Semester in Sydney, Australia
Who defines you as a man?

Your creator defines you.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him…” (Genesis 1:26)

When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God… (Genesis 5:1)

Yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor.” (Psalm 8:5)

My Mission
I will live my life with integrity and run the race set before me with every ounce of strength. So, my family, team and greater world will see Jesus Christ reflected in my life. To this end, I will NEVER QUIT!

‘But, this one thing I do….’

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Sitting in the ‘I AM SECOND’ chair at Hope Center.

“The leadership that really matters is all about conviction. The leader is rightly concerned with everything from strategy and vision to team building, motivation, and delegation. But at the center of the true leader’s heart and mind, you will find convictions that drive and determine everything else.” – Albert Mohler 

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