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“If I must be silent about these things, then I’m not free … I would rather die than to be so fearful that I never lived.”

– Gianna Jessen (abortion survivor and advocate for life)

Swimming into your Future

Over the last year, I have been struggling with my swim and a cloud of frustration seemed to lay over me. I didn’t notice how bad it had gotten until a couple days ago.

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The Little Boy and The Little Lady

One day when the mom picks up the little boy at the church where the school bus drops off the children. She sees a little lady looking after the children on the playground. She is older, kindly and not quite 5 feet tall. She prays for him and cares for him

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Iraq: How did I get here?

I hear fear in her voice. She’s at an airport with the victim, the victim’s baby and another woman assisting the rescue. The trafficker is part of an organized gang, very dangerous and issues an ultimatum to the victim; “Be at my house by 11pm or I’ll kill you.”

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Making Room for Christ

In all matters of life, we should set apart Jesus Christ as Lord. Our heart is our essence as moral creatures, as image-bearers and the seat of our will. It begins in our hearts. What does that look like at Christmastime?

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It’s always an inside job

At some point between making a hot cup of Rooibos tea, sitting in my easy chair and opening my book, I picked up my iPhone to check on the weather. Then, I began reading the news. The battle was on!

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