What the heck are we doing to ourselves? We’ve got some major freakin’ issues, people! If we don’t start tackling the cultural problems headed our way, our problems will tackle us. We’re glued to our handheld super-computer-smartphone-appendages to notice or care that our real lives are coming unglued.  We’ve allowed ourselves to become distracted and dare I say indifferent?

I’m guilty guilty guilty! I spend too much time Facebooking, texting and checking email on my iPhone. I’m not suggesting ditch the smartphones all together. I’m just suggesting that we set some boundaries and find balance. Life can’t be lived on a four inch screen.

We’ve allowed all this ‘cool’ new technology to trespass all over our lives and relationships. Our children will be the ones to suffer. This addiction must be tamed.

50 years from now, folks might refer to this era as ‘The Great Distraction’ if we don’t stop going down this road.  I’m going to experiment with setting some boundaries.  I’ll let you know how it goes.