Below you can find listen and view a few of my music and audio production projects:

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Music Score and Audio Production for Video/Film:
Wynn Las Vegas Resort
Burj Al Arab- Dubai

Original Tracks and Remixes:
Download: Lance Cashion “House Vice” (Original)
Download: Lance Cashion “Alpha Output (Original)
Download: Lance Cashion “The One Calling” (Original)
Download: The Church “Under the Milky Way” (Lance Cashion Remix)
Download: Pants Fashion vs. The Police “The World is Running Daft” (Mash-up)
Video: The Church “Under The Milky Way” (Lance Cashion Remix)
Download: LCD Soundsystem “Time To Get Away” (Lance-Cashion Remix)

DJ Sets and CD Compilations:
Lance Cashion ‘The Sound’ (Proton Radio Compilation)

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More to be added soon!