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“If I must be silent about these things, then I’m not free … I would rather die than to be so fearful that I never lived.”

– Gianna Jessen (abortion survivor and advocate for life)

Welcome to Iraq dude – A wild ride

To avoid being knocked out of the sky by a surface-to-air missile, pilots employ a tactical landing approach in dangerous places. Before I could get my head straight, we were on the ground. A soft female voice came over the intercom, “On behalf of Lufthansa, we welcome you to Erbil, Iraq. We hope you enjoyed your flight.”

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Hashtag Culture – A better way

The problem with a “#hashtag” movement is that it is all about emotion, it contains no plan and no perseverance. There is no real commitment because the hashtag itself is transient and short-lived by design. Hashtags are created to trend on social media.

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Father and son – A Voice in the Darkness

I took my 9 year old son (Nelson) for an overnight camping adventure at our ranch. I had three objectives. First, to invest time into my son’s life. Second, teach him practical outdoor skills while feeding his sense of adventure. Third, each activity was designed to point him toward authentic manhood.

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Goal Setting – a proven system

I’m often asked how I go about goal setting. So, I decided to share my goal setting system. You may not a goal-setter or you could be goal guru.  Wherever you find yourself, I hope you find value here. My biggest obstacle in reaching my goals is me.

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A message for men that you don’t want to hear

Today boys, young as 8 years old are immersed in pornography, addicted to violent games/movies and have ZERO respect for human life. As a result, girls (and sometimes boys) are objects for their personal gratification, other children are targets for destruction and parents exist to feed and pamper them.

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A post you are too lazy to read on DISCIPLINE

If I have discipline about what I eat and how much I exercise, I feel good, think clearly and I have the freedom to participate in a variety of activities in life. Modern America is a nation marked by self-centeredness, immaturity, blame, victimhood, permissiveness and sanctioned negligence.

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